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From Plant Maintenance to Coordinated Service contracts, Ross Rex provides quality project management solutions of multiple disciplines, creating the most cost effective approach to any job requirement.

Ultra-High Water Jetting

Lead Paint Abatement

Access and Containment

Coating Inspection – NACE Certified Inspectors

Surface Preparation

Coating and Linings application

Plural Component Coating application

Abrasive Blasting/ Vacuum Blasting

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Petroleum Facilities

Hydro-Electric and Penstocks

Waste Water Treatment Facilities

Marine and Ship Maintenance

Pulp and Paper Facilities

Chemical Facilities

Bridge Recoating and Maintenance

Coal and Potash Facilities

Tank Linings

Areas of Expertise

With Ross Rex Industrial Painters you can expect, open communication with your Project Manager, accurate information in adaptable formats based on your requirements, and the most reliable team working together to create the best project outcomes.

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