Ross Rex Industrial Painters Ltd.


Ship Loading Terminals

Ross Rex Industrial Painters is the most experienced and trusted contractor for major ship loading terminals throughout BC.  Our scope of work over the years includes shutdowns, routine maintenance and new construction.


We are SSPC QP1 and QP2 certified to repaint steel bridges, including the removal of existing lead-based coatings. We apply coating systems to the structural steel to protect it from corrosion and maintain the overall integrity of the bridge.


Our marine vessel services include everything from blasting and recoating ballast tanks to high pressure water jetting of hulls. We provide corrosion protection to prevent deterioration from minerals such as salts, other chemicals, and organic material found in water.

Oil & Gas Facilities

In oil and gas facilities, our work includes abrasive blasting, tank lining, high temperature pipe coatings and other specialized systems. At Ross Rex Industrial Painters, safety remains at the forefront whenever our crews are working in these high-risk environments.


Our work on infrastructure projects includes BC Hydro dams, municipal water treatment plants and transportation infrastructure such as Skytrain stations.  

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