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At Ross Rex Industrial Painters, we specialize in surface preparation and applying coating/lining material.

Surface Preparation:

  • Dry Abrasive Blast Cleaning: Often the choice for cleaning steel structures and removing protective coatings, dry abrasive blast cleaning produces a high level of cleanliness and proper surface profile.
  • Slurry Blast Cleaning: Also known as “wet blasting”, slurry blast cleaning can degrease, inhibit the formation of rust, and more – simultaneously. This is an ideal form of cleaning for part stripping and more.
  •  Ultra-High Water Jetting (40,000 PSI): Water Jetting globally recognized as the most productive industrial cleaning and surface preparation method, as well as the most eco-friendly. At 40,000 PSI, water jetting blasts away undesirable materials from various surfaces safely, economically, and efficiently.

Coating and Linings

When we come to a coating/lining material preparation or application project, we come prepared. Not only do we work to NACE and SSPC standards, but we bring the best tools on the market: brush, roller, airless spray, plural component, and conventional spray systems can be made available. We do concrete restorations and repairs, with epoxy injections and linings. Also, with our coating and lining service list we do penstock linings and fire proofing.

Here at Ross Rex Industrial Painters, we are certified in many types of applications. An example of some of these would be:

  • Polybrid 705
  • SPC 7888
  • LifeLast
  • Kryton
  • RD-6 wrap systems

Find out more about our qualifications HERE